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    Of course, Hu Yongqiang understood what the Japanese soldiers meant, and he was told to hide behind, so as not to be seen as a Chinese in the Japanese army's logistics vehicles.

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    As for Li Yixin, Deputy Director Ye put forward new demands. In addition to requiring that the smuggling of cigarettes and land be completed under the premise of safety, Jianzhong Trade and Commerce Company should also cooperate fully face with He Guangzong's work, and at the same time try his best to achieve Li Yixin's plan to turn the raw material smuggling channel into a two-way direction.

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    Li Yixin immediately understood that this was an important matter in the organization and he needed to be contacted through Lao Wu, he immediately put down the washbasin, opened the door and shouted to Lao Wu who was in sales in the alley: "Whoever bought pigeon eggs, come in, let me see if your pigeon eggs are fresh, if they are good I will buy some."

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    "I said, I said, I really don't know Duong Biao's whereabouts."

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    Although Wang Qinglin inserted his brother Wang Qingfu into the anti-smuggling investigation bureau, he still did not give up his position as director of the anti-smuggling investigation bureau of Li Yixin.

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    Of course, Hideki Nomura was not completely scared by Ly Nghe Han's words. His eyes rolled around, he thought for a moment before saying: "Ly Sang, I think this is what the buyer intentionally said. negotiation, the buyer's bid will definitely not be high at the beginning, please note that as long as we lower the price, the other party really wants to buy this kind of goods, and he is not good except us Sourcing goods goods. After all, the royal military super high school is very strict towards this kind of transaction. I believe that buyers will come back to us to buy after a round of searching. Then we can continue to raise our price demands and let them understand that only we can meet their needs."

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    Li Yixin smiled and said: "That's good, as long as He Guangzong comes back, everything will be easy to handle. I will wait until he comes to Stone City next time. If Mr. Fujita Yukio has any decisions Come on, please Murakami -kun Do let me know in time. Please."

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    Hideki Nomura broke through the loophole in Li Yixin's words in one gulp. According to logical reasoning, people who want to buy guns and bullets to visit nursing homes are usually local tyrants and evil nobles. Only such people can such purchasing needs.

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    "I mean first use some commercial activities, such as smuggling or selling some documents that the other party wants to buy but can't, to bribe them, and then slowly use this method to connection to Chongqing. Of course, this is just that the method I came up with is temporary, I don't dare to say whether it is effective or not, I just gave an idea."

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    After realizing that he was the main target, Hu Yongqiang had no choice but to tell the anti-smuggling team members: “Forget it, don't worry about the carriage, let's run back to the city first. ” Having finished speaking, Hu Yongqiang limped towards Stone City.

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    "Come on, Ly Sang, please sit down. Mr. Murakami said you just made a good suggestion, so I want to ask you to explain it in detail." Fujita Yukio said with a smile.

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    Li Yixin was ready to practice Taijiquan tonight, and he didn't mind He Langtao's behavior. Instead, he smiled and stepped forward to hold He Langtao's hand and said, "Oh, how could I shoulder this responsibility? Director He is just waiting, sorry Sorry."

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    Li Yixin's words were originally to further test Hideki Nomura's bottom line. Seeing Hideki Nomura's expression like that, his heart skipped a beat, and he secretly regretted whether he was a bit too excited.

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    Li Yixin waited on this bench for more than an hour. This place is relatively remote and tourists rarely come here, so Li Yixin observed the tourists who occasionally appeared here during this period of time, but No one came forward to talk to him.

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    So, he quickly signaled the other person to enter the room, then asked suspiciously: "Yen Sang, I have a question that I can't find an answer to, so I want to ask you, why do you think Duong Biao and Will female operators evacuate? What about a secure point of contact?”

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    Therefore, when Hu Yongqiang heard the car's axle suddenly make a loud noise, he knew something was wrong. Before he could react, a wheel suddenly rolled out of the car's trunk and fell to the side of the road.

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    Immediately afterwards, He Langtao was extremely angry, after all, Li Yixin still did not take himself seriously, even the provincial president Wen Mian wanted to sell himself three points, but he appeared humble, which was a soft way to welcome Li Yixin. .

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    It's just that he had a bullet wound in his shoulder just now, so he didn't pay attention to the wound of Ly Nghe Han lying next to him.

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    This is a good thing! I thought I used words to test Li Yixin, a traitor, and secretly set up the organization's material transportation channel through Jianzhong Trading Company, but Li Yixin always talked about it, without showing it off. truong.

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    Yin Qunli didn't want Yan Fuzhi to admit he was cowardly and carry out He Langtao's orders, he continued to provoke Yan Fuzhi: "Who told us to surrender? I don't know what the special high school thinks. Let's we all entered the Stone City Secret Service Branch to establish a second intelligence bureau. If we could become an agency alone, there would be no such things. No, because we were already in Here, the Director has treated us as a thorn in his side. Now it's even clearer, the carriage is dealing with us, we're fine, this is chaos."

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    Before Li Yixin finished speaking, he was immediately interrupted by the worried old waiter: “This is a very dangerous phenomenon, you must pay special attention to your words and actions, I know this person, Mr. I am determined to work for the Japanese Hardcore traitor. You are very careless here today. If this Wang Qinglin finds out, he will definitely make a fuss.