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    Vuong Han could not imagine what would happen once he was discovered by the Golden Clan. With their terrifying strength, it was so easy to control him. The rest of his life's research would be truly terrifying. . He could be imprisoned by the Golden Clan in the laboratory forever, unable to get out for the rest of his life. This is absolutely a scary thing. For Vuong Han who just arrived, he is like bringing a delicious piece of grilled meat in a jungle full of wild animals. It's okay if he doesn't get discovered, after being discovered. , the consequences will be huge. beyond imagination. .

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    ... Morrison was speechless. Wow, is this person so thick-skinned? He only answered the question very perfunctorily, but the other party asked such a wide-ranging question. This question, this question will not be clear for a while. This made Morrison very uncomfortable, but the strength of the guy opposite was amazing, after all he stepped out of the gate of life. But no matter what, Morrison did not discover that Vuong Han would be a survivor in the world at this time, because this kind of thing has never happened before, World Eater is World Eater, because they have This is absolutely not a joke. They really have the ability to gather the entire world's aura into a single ray of power, and then conveniently destroy the world. Or if they were truly sent to a dangerous world, they would completely disintegrate themselves immediately, and no one would be able to trace the world Morrison and the others were in.

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    And one day, Wang Han directly found Feng Shuyi, of course, it was not he who took the initiative to find Feng Shuyi, but Feng Shuyi who found Wang Han, when she learned that Wang Han had crawled alone get out of space and walk So far, and then revive them in such a vast world, the feeling is not simply excited but also more miserable. While talking, Vuong Han briefly explained the situation... The specific explanation was quite long, then Phong Thuc Nghia nodded to confirm Vuong Han's meaning, blushing is blushing, a matter is a matter, merit After that, Vuong Han was quite optimistic. Feng Shuyi was pregnant and waiting very quickly. The baby was born a year later. It's a baby boy. The good news is that the boy's soul outline is similar to Wang Han's. This is a very standard Roja. It seems like Roja's soul is still very strong...

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    Shen Yueke is still very worried about Wang Han, not only because of his status as a victim, but also because of his nature of dependence on the strong, this kind of dependence will appear regardless of era, regardless of group. , in essence, it is also a great tradition to make yourself live better. Groups that do not respect the strong cannot exist and can become stronger. Most of the development of all groups is to learn each other's strengths and gradually. Now Shen Yueke is very dependent on Vuong Han, so right now she seems to have no way to help Vuong Han, just do it. This kind of thing is definitely very difficult, especially the soul consumption is also very terrible. So if Vuong Han is too tired, she feels like she will die directly, then Vuong Han does not need to find such a large space.

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    Unlike regular life forms, golden group individuals are essentially robots that have long transformed.

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    Sir, you misunderstood my meaning before. Although you said that the material used to eat the master of heaven and earth is the soul meteorite, it is because the soul meteorite is a rare material with a relatively high rate, but on In fact, the proportion of the whole body is very large. of World Devourer is They are all ordinary meteorites, these asteroids wander around us." Keles said with a smile, "Although I don't know what the specific ratio is, the golden biome can create a kilogram of standard soul meteorites are all melted in these ordinary meteorites, and because of this, the price of the World Devourer is not high, and even most of the profits are given to the ingenuity of the masses. gold commune, not the price of the material.

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    "Hello?" But at this moment, a girl with long black hair like a waterfall walked up to Vuong Han, her face full of excitement. But when she walked in front of Vuong Han, looking at Vuong Han's face like that, she immediately froze for a moment, this man's ears seemed to have shrunk, his ears were not big, so two left right. head, looks very strange. While Keles was thinking about these things, she also saw Vuong Han's puzzled eyes, paused, she quickly took the initiative, nervously introduced: "Hello, I'm Keles, this time I'm from Elf group." , I came here to visit the holy capital group, but I didn't expect to see our group here... Or are you from our elves group?"

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    Wang Han's attitude towards Little Cetaph is the same as Keles's guardian, he puts a whole package of things he wants to do in front of him, can't waste time because of a few dolls, this seems bloody cold, but For this doll's future living environment, it must be given a lot of help, at least they will be willing to move forward with their own diligence, and will not stop and scold their doll beaks to continue rushing forward, over time, the living environment of the entire Group will be very good, and in the eyes of Keles and others, not only will they not feel uncomfortable because their parents left without knowing it, on the contrary, they grew up very properly in a very elegant, very good environment. And Keles doesn't have Vuong Han's child right now. Otherwise, she would have been really lucky to be pregnant with Vuong Han's doll, and would have directly taken the doll back to be with her in the spirit of her childhood.

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    Currently, Vuong Han does not dare to do unnecessary things. His soul has been consumed to a certain extent. The last trace of soul force that was about to be destroyed was poured into the armor to regenerate, reducing the time by 10,000 years, several times. seconds of recovery, his soul has completely restored its original powerful existence, which seems to have flooded the entire planet's ocean in the blink of an eye, regenerating a truly powerful talent. This talent seems to be able to directly extract the soul power from it. The soul is cracked for himself, but now is not the time to research regeneration talent, his soul instantly recovers. , the original state of dozens of light balloons entering his body was exactly the same as before. With that feeling, he suddenly had an idea.

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    Tham Nguyet Kha smiled at Vuong Han and also took the initiative to hide in Vuong Han's arms, "But Roja people would do that, are we a family? Besides, you don't know."

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    But in reality, after reaching the peak of command, other people's accumulation of wealth and wealth is terrifying. By the time they catch up again, the Tien Do formation may have reached a new level. new world, let alone this one of the processes is a process of constant maturation of the spirit realm, even if the opponent temporarily loses some direction in the darkness, but when he really waits to continue the attack with full force, he has an extraordinary power, and this is not afraid of making mistakes. Absolute power comes, if you are timid, do not make mistakes as a norm, and try to maintain the system system according to the framework, let alone the Xiandu Group, I am afraid that the golden group will have no future, and there will never be one.This kind of situation in the future.

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    Breath and Essence was a new fighting method to Wangu Chi and Penglai, although it was later proven that this method of use was very limited, so the people of Wangu Chi and Penglai fought The price per person is based on hundreds of years of cultivation. People are strong and weak, and people are still judging everything by saying how many heavens they have, even the side with strange beasts is the same, if not later when meeting Penglai, Wang Han will definitely I have to go to Cuu Trung Thien, which is a very simple thing, but thinking about the aura and essence here, makes Vuong Han curious about some things he has experienced before, about the ball of light. The small breath controlled by this hand immediately dissipated, but he just closed his eyes and recalled everything that happened that year. Honestly, this kind of memory takes a while. Anyway, this was all a few years ago, and it probably took half a million years. half a million years, that is, as long as some things that happened fifty years ago are not the kind of things that are difficult to come by, they are all in a state where there is no way to remember them.

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    "It's not easy!" Vuong Han is very excited about this. Although there are still a lot of these remnants left, there is no problem. One step has reached this level, making it difficult to imagine. situation, "So now I can directly draw the remnants of my soul from the cracks of time and space within the reach of my soul as I like, and I can also create remnants very weak through opening and closing the crest. You can create a soul trap if you have a broken soul!"

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    From the beginning, Wang Han couldn't understand Keles' ability to have so many houses, but he understood when he thought about the main source of income for the entire biome. Feeling, is it self-produced and sold, but directly extracting other inevitable breaths, or collecting various breaths scattered in the star sea, for the group, directly Setting your sights on the planet is to have the farthest vision. No matter how poor the resources, no matter how serious the internal turmoil, you can go directly to the depths of the ocean. From this point of view, becoming a member of the elves is at least a great thing. great. And if for the previous generation of Feng Shuyi and the others, this place was simply a paradise, they would never have to worry about some things related to their own survival, things like So will you let go? Surely not, only after satisfying basic survival can the awakened soul truly make a group stand up, and purely increasing financial resources is just a trick and an empty trick.

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    When Shen Yueke said this, she gave Wang Han time to digest and absorb. Wang Han really needed to digest what Shen Yueke said, and then the overall logic appeared. Roja was pursued, most of them stayed to buy time, the remaining 1300 spaceships escaped this fragrant place, heading towards the dry land of the Star Sea. The area of barren land is much larger than that of rich places, and there is not much breath, so that it can avoid being directly chased by opponents very quickly.

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    Immediately afterwards, an unparalleled anger appeared in Trinh Noan's heart. It took her countless years to create such an existence!

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    “I agree.” The girl Trinh Noan's face was full of hatred, Vuong Han happily said: "Then I will also take my woman away from the elves. She is already my servant, you have no way to keep her." This. "

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    While Cetaphil was extremely frightened, Vuong Han directly activated his soul power. He did not have much time to go around such a place. It would probably take hundreds of thousands of years. He could only slow down and slowly dissipate. exerted his soul's power, trying to find something that resonated with his soul's origin, and over the next year, he found more than ten things that resonated with each other, of which the first appearing at eleven, he had abandoned his previous obsession with the bug whip, and told the smiling receptionist without worry, "I think I found what I wanted."

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    The black fire burned his soul, the degree of soul burning was extremely miserable, after so many years it could be seen that he had barely swallowed more than a hundred of them, even if it was black fire he could still pull it out. . Powerful energy, but it hurts the soul after all.

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    Vuong Han nodded thoughtfully, Keles continued: "So, if you let Mr. come to this world with the essence of breath, then your power has not yet subtly increased in this world, you suddenly suddenly appearing, for the essence of breath, it is like a giant sea surface suddenly appearing, releasing a large amount of breath in the blink of an eye, and at this time, if the world has not had breath for a long time. , the space-time force of the world itself is not enough, your existence It will directly crush and tear apart the whole world, either the breath will leak into the synchronous plane, or the world will be destroyed. completely destroyed, the previous one is a little better, and there may be another synchronous plane to share the breath pressure, and later It will end well.

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    "So if I miss you, I can jump around this planet again and again, and come down every thousand years to see it? Until you come back, I can't spend half an hour?" Nuo Qian Jin asked hurriedly. With Vuong Han's approval, she said somewhat proudly: "Looking like that, I'm also very smart! After all, I'm not very familiar with driving, let alone flying a spaceship."

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