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    “Should I inform Chen Gongshu and the Shanghai district about the establishment of the Beijing-Shanghai Special Station?” Mao Renfeng asked.

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    "After this incident, the sublime altitude of Sirius has been completely exposed to the eyes of Shanghai's first district. Chen Gongshu is definitely facing such a threat. If this incident is not resolved soon , it can cause serious problems. Fire on both sides!"

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    Xu Ruiyang also believed that the other party was a spy for the Japanese Navy, and it was not easy to cooperate with the actions of the Secret Service. If he was tortured because of this, then Onodera Nobuo would not be able to appease him. .

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    "How dare you embezzle the benefits of the gendarmerie, gangs like them deserve to die! Mr. Tu, I listen to you. Even though you know the dangers of gang power, it seems like you don't want to start a war." with these shameless bastards?" Changguang Jiezhi asked.

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    The Japanese army used force to station troops in French Indochina, revealing its intention to occupy Southeast Asia and threaten the US arrangement in the Pacific region, because the Philippines is a US colony and is also a an important country. springboard for America to intervene in Southeast Asia and Asia as a whole. !

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    "I'm not that careless. Isn't the base used to produce lake salt? I intend to smuggle it to Hubei province, then into Hunan and Jiangxi provinces. The money you withdraw will be my money to buy lake salt." ."

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    The information given by these two reports was somewhat vague, but the third telegram was relatively clear, because this was the situation in the hands of Deputy Captain Xiao Lianhua.

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    Don't forget, when he entertained guests in Jinling, Major General Yingzuo Zhenzhao and Major General Oki Shigeru attended the banquet, Zhou Fuhai and Ding Mocun also went, and Xi Yixian from the investigation department of the Manchurian Railway, and the Colonel also attended the banquet. A few, in terms of interpersonal relations, he is actually quite good. A few days ago Li Shiqun held the position of Minister of Police, but only a few Japanese lieutenants, let alone generals, were present. The headquarters of the Secret Service and the Police Department of the Industrial Concession Bureau often deal with each other. Faced with Akagi Kisaki, he even invited me not to dare say anything." Chen Gongbo said with a smile.

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    The fake Shanghai Special Municipality Government awarded a one-time reward of 200,000 yuan in fiat currency to the superior office and subordinate agencies in this operation, and awarded Xu Ruiyang a bonus personally worth 100,000 yuan for "good leadership", and Hou Chengye, head of the special agent department, awarded 50 thousand yuan.

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    Everyone present had seen the Belarusian beauty on the Shanghai stock market, and some had even had sex with men and women, but none of them could reach Natalia's level. This appearance, This figure and this temperament are definitely among the best in the Shanghai Stock Market world. Hua Dueyang's vision is indeed not bad, and his vision is also very high.

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    Even if Japan did not go to war with Britain and the United States, it would continue to control the police power, taxes, and financial industry in the concession. The anti-Japanese organizations hidden by the Yamashiro government in the concession were a great threat to the Japanese people. Major banks supported the Shancheng government's legal currency system, making it impossible to use the currency to obtain resources, and large amounts of materials produced in the concession flowed to the region due to The KMT controlled, and they were unable to exercise effective control.

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    This female spy who was brainwashed by the elements has the characteristics of an agent who is always suspicious of everything. Of course, she does not only target Tu Due Duong, she is willing to endure all pressure and accusations for her own benefit. benefit of the so-called Majesty. The Emperor and the Great Empire of Japan.

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    What you say also matters. Shanghai stock market is our biggest resource in Jinling government. That was our place, but no matter how powerful Li Shiqun was, he was just the leader of the secret service. There is no one on the Shanghai stock market who can suppress him? Mo Guo Kang asked.

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    This time he went out in the name of checking the offices, it was definitely impossible to stay in the mountain city for a few days before returning to the Shanghai stock market, that would easily arouse suspicion, this time he plans to live in Greentown in Guangxi Province for three or four days. , and then rushed to Spring City.

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    The big boss's support for him was strong enough. When there were no clear clues, he also used the commissioner's authority to bait the bait.

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    "Chen Gongbo really wants to compete for mayor? This is a big problem! Mr. Shiqun must know his position very well, and the odds of winning this time are very low!"

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    “Maybe because the military commander in chief sent them to the Shanghai stock market, in order to avoid conflicts with the Shanghai stock market, they may be on a mission.” Hua Due Duong said.

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    The so-called Arita Ware is porcelain produced in the town of Arita, Saga Prefecture, Japan, with a history of more than 300 years and is also the most famous porcelain in Japan. Nami Toshiro was able to donate an antique tea set of Japan to Xu Ruiyang. The gift was considered highly valuable, and it seemed sincere to give it without the antiques from Huaxia.

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    "I am thinking about implementing this plan next year. If we develop the armed forces when we first arrive, it will leave a bad impression on the Japanese. After the Shanghai Security Command officially established, my brother will assist me in daily work "So much energy managing the security forces." Chen Gongbo said.

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    Soon, the accountant and the yard keeper, a woman in charge of ordering, and five maids all arrived at the yard.

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    Li Shiqun has a fatal flaw, not because he lacks administrative experience, this does not affect being mayor, Zhang Xiaolin, a gangster leader, can even be the chairman of Zhejiang Province Giang!

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    "It was because of To Thua Duc's ambition that Ly The Quan secretly approached the public mandarin sect, wanting to establish his own power. You also know, Ly The Quan had the ambition to control, when he discovered that To Cheng De was about to lose control, of course he wanted to give him a warning." Liu Nina said.

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    "My question is inappropriate. Go home quickly. This pack of cigarettes and two hundred dollars are your reward!" Van Lap Lang almost blushed, this question was too stupid.

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    “Is the output large?” Hua Due Duong asked.